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Age Restrictions

We will not pierce any child under 13 without a parent or legal guardian present.

We must have parental consent for anyone under 16 

16 and over MUST have valid original ID (no copies or telephone screenshots)

 We Are Open.

We Are Now Open For Facial  Piercings Including Lip, Tongue, Eyebrow, Nose, Beauty Spot As Well As Ear And Navel Piercing 

Please try and limit your visit to two people as we have limited space availble to maintaine social distancing.

Thank you for your cooperation 

Please do not attend the clinic if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

Have you or any member of your household or social bubble knowingly been in contact with anyone in the past 14 days with a confirmed case of Covid-19 and/or are currently self isolating ? 

Have you or any member of your household or social bubble been suffering from any of the following symptoms over the past 14 days; temperature or fever, new continuous cough, loss or change of smell/taste ?

Would you consider yourself as high-risk or having pre-existing medical conditions that can increase your vulnerability to covid-19 ? 

In the last 14 days have you or any member of your household or social bubble travelled outside the UK ?



 Ear lobes  6+  (under 13 parent/legal guardian must be present, 13-16 parental consent required over phone if parent not present)

Standard ear cartilage piercings such as Helix, Tragus, Rook, Conch etc (not including Scaffold/Industrial) 12+ (under 13 parent/legal guardian must be present)

Facial Piercing (excluding Nose, including Tongue) 16+ (no parent/guardian present) we will require valid photographic ID (any facial piercings will require ID - we can not get consent over the phone for a facial piercing which includes tongue.

Nipple Piercings 18+ with valid photographic I.D

Navel Piercing 13+ (under 16 with a parent/guardian present or concent over the phone)  

Navel piercing (no parent/guardian present) 16+ with valid photographic ID

Industrial/Scaffold or surface piercings 16+

Nose - 15+


                    Fully Experienced Body Piercer Required on a Part Time Basis, To Work With Our Established Piercers

Please Enquire Telephone 0191 2328604