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Age Restrictions

We will not pierce any child under 13 without a parent or guardian present


Ear lobes  6+  (under 13 parent/guardian must be present)

Standard ear cartilage piercings such as Helix, Tragus, Rook, Conch etc (not including Scaffold/Industrial) 12+ (under 13 parent/guardian must be present)

Facial Piercing (including tongue/eyebrow/nose etc 16+ (no parent/guardian present) we will require valid photographic ID

Female Nipple Piercings 18+ with valid photographic I.D

Navel Piercing 13+ (under 16 with a parent/guardian present)  

Navel piercing (no parent/guardian present) 16+ with valid photographic ID

Industrial/Scaffold or surface piercings (not on face) 15+ (no parent/guardian present) we will need to gain parental/legal guardian consent via telephone